Spectacular Dream Villa

Real estate. Location: Bali, Indonesia...

Villa Mentari is by far the largest and most impressive private villa in the North. It has number of features and advantages that should be emphasized. First, the villa offers not only unparalleled views of the Bali Sea even from the master bedroom, but also views of the Kalianget River and the northern foothills and mountains. Second, the villa has a tennis court and a golf driving range, which represent an unusual combination of attractions for any villa. Third, the villa has one of the largest infinity pools of any private villas in Bali: 20mx9m. Fourth, the villa has two Jacuzzis: one next to the pool and another in the en-suite bathroom of the master bedroom. Fifth, the villa boasts three gazebos, one of which is specially equipped for massages. Sixth, the main house has a Bose sound system with speakers throughout the house and in the garden. Finally, Mentari has a generator which can be switched on if there are problems with the electricity supply from the PLN.

The guests have access to the main house and bungalow. The huge main house (1,000 m2) has two floors with four bedrooms, providing accommodation for a private party of eight persons comfortably. The spacious master bedroom, which overlooks the Bali Sea and has a Jacuzzi in the en-suite bathroom, is on the ground floor. There are also two additional bedrooms with bathrooms en suite. The open living and dining area (about 195 m2), is air-conditioned and includes a grand piano. There is a large fully equipped modern kitchen, a temperature-controlled wine storage room and an extra bathroom in the entryway. The top floor has an office with computer and internet connection and a printer as well as a library. Adjacent to the office is the fourth bedroom that enjoys garden and ocean views. In addition, there is a bungalow (120 m2) with a living room and kitchen on the ground floor and two air-conditioned bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms on the first floor.

$152.000 of/$350k

Opens date
4 month
Min. Amount
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